Ep. VII – The Terminator [1984]

The Terminator

The Tweakers occasionally look at James Cameron’s 1984 action B-movie, THE TERMINATOR, whilst working out high concept quandaries such as time travel paradoxes, fate vs. chance, cat feeding methodologies, good vs. evil, unwelcome gratuitous nudity, and agreeing on no uncertain terms that A Hitler was the worst. The Terminator was co-written by Kathryn Bigelow‘s ex-husband; it stars Bill Paxton, Dick Miller, Lance Henriksen (Millennium) and Michael Bean.

Recommended snack accompaniment: Mile High and glass of Soymilk.

INSTRUCTIONS: To ensure your film is synched with this Tweak, please do the following:

  1. Load your media into the player and play the film past the MGM lion and the Orion logos.
  2. Hit pause as once you see the ‘card’ beginning ‘Hemdale Presents…‘ on the screen.
  3. Start the Tweak and wait for us to say, ‘3..2..1..PLAY.’ When we say ‘play’, hit ‘play’ to continue the film; our movie and yours should be playing in synch.

You will have ample time to get in position during the several minutes of opening banter of the Tweak. If you are not set up by the time we are ready to start, simply pause the Tweak and get it together.

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